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Funeral Program Templates

Each funeral program template on the page is in Microsoft Word format and each one is 100% free.  You can view a larger sample of the funeral program templates by clicking on each of them below.  Also included with each program is a template for the inside.  Feel free to mix-n-match the covers with the insides.

How the Process Works

1) Click on the funeral program template that you would like to use.

2) Save the file to your hard drive. ( They are all zip files so must be unzipped. If you don't have a program to unzip files then 7zip is a great free program to use. You can download it at

3) Open the file in Microsoft Word.

4) Replace the information in the template with your information.


To Add a Picture

Click on the box that displays "Photo Here".  Then go to insert picture and select the picture you wish to add to your program.  From there you can re-size the picture however large or small as you would like.


Funeral Program Template 1

Funeral Program - 1


Funeral Program Template 2

Funeral Program - 2


Funeral Program Template 3 - Front

Funeral Program - 3


Funeral Program Template 4 - Front

Funeral Program Templates - 4


Funeral Program Template 5

Funeral Program Templates - 5


Funeral Order of Service

Funeral Program Templates - 6


Planning a Funeral

Funeral Program Template 7